Whether you have a puppy that is just starting out, a young dog in it’s prime, or a senior dog who still wants to keep up with the pack; we have the solutions for keeping your dog active, happy, and healthy.

Canine Fitness


The pinnacle of our business. Fitness training for your dog can be done entirely online, in-person, or in a hybrid program. We offer functional exercise programs for all dogs including: puppies, pet dogs, competition dogs, post-rehab dogs, senior dogs, and everything in-between. Fitness is also a great way to help build your dog’s confidence, reduce injury, and keep their mind and body active.

Wellness Services


From Laser and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy to massage and chiropractic; we offer a wide variety of wellness services that can help any dog. Whether you have a competition dog who is hard on their body or you have a senior dog who needs some help with arthritis (or other ailments). These therapies can help all dogs live more comfortable lives.

Dog Training


We offer many different dog training programs for all types of dogs. Whether you just want your dog to walk on a loose leash or you want complete off-leash obedience. We can help you achieve a well balanced pet who can go anywhere and do anything with you or we can help you explore the world of sports with your dog. Whatever your goal is, we are here to help!

Dog Walking


We offer a wide variety of options for your dog to exercise their mind and body while you are away! From basic on-leash walks to off-leash adventure pack hikes to walking and training sessions; we have the perfect fit for you and your dog(s). We offer multiple dog discounts and package deals. Our walking services are offered to the South Shore and Cape Cod.